Check out our style, we wanted to create a fun experience in a cool but still super friendly environment. We were sick of looking like every other salon on the block so we decided to just be us! Being us means creating a creative bubble that we can indulge our senses in, bring our imagination to life and take our customers on that journey with us.

Every aspect of Star salon is all about hair and you our customers who we actually seriously love! Taking you on a journey through the Stars and forgetting about the cleaning or if you have washed the dishes this morning, you deserve to treat yourself because we know when you sweat you sweat flowers and when you work you work full-time hours.


For all our gorgeous soon to be brides, we can come to you on big day at your chosen location. Creating the hair of your dreams in the comfort of the beautiful wedding venue or home.

For more information on availability and prices please fill in the attached form and email it back to us and we can give you a quote.


Consultation and listening not just hearing is what’s important to us at Star Salon, making our customers not just look amazing but to leave the salon on a high because we know bad hair will get you down. And baby you were born to “shine” and healthy hair is the only way your mane is gonna glow. We create some stunning vibrant colours but if it aint healthy it aint happening, so don’t be a basic base and lets have a Kiki with your hair and long as the care is there the colour will be to.

If you give us a hook we will create the ovation.
Its a Stars world and it is not a place we want our customers to hide in.