Feminism and what it means to us

Girl boss female boss girl power, what do they mean to us. There has been a massive movement over the past few years on feminism and we here at Star Salon are loving it but feel that the stigma of men hating and the intimidation of a female boss is still very much a bit of a joke and us women are still very much on the front line of the battle field when it comes to holding our own against the oppersite sex.

Star Salon wants to embrace all things womanhood and girly, and own it with pride. Making each woman feel adored and to not feel guilty for spending time or money on themselves because they are a mum, wife ect. We all deserve to be treated like queens and shine even if it is for a couple of hours getting your hair done, hell if it works and you feel great what you waiting for, like Nike say “just do it!”

Working with young women and empowering them and giving them the tools to build a career and a life for themselves to not have to rely on anyone but themselves (this isn’t a Disney movie)

A girl boss is someone who is in charge of her own life and is not lazy! After all life is to short to be lazy.

You only get what you want when you work for it, with a plan and great girl mates to help you on your journey a girls life can be pretty amazing.

Girl power, the power of being a girl is your super power together we are stronger and can achieve greatness. We should honour the feminist of the past by owning our our shit and getting the job done, not hating on men. We love men like the icon Marilyn Monroe said “I don’t mind living in a mans world as long as I can be a woman in it”

“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrows questions” Edgar Casey

We want girls to not hold back and to keep pushing and understanding which rules to keep following and which rules to break, the only way we learn and grow is by trying and not giving up on ourselves. You can be who ever you believe yourself to be, be a bad bitch not a wall flower there is a chance for you so take it!

Be bold be you no one else can do you quite like you, girls do rule and Beyonce was right “we do run the world”

Star Kelly x

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