Hey everyone its Bekkistar,

As some of you may know or for those of you that don’t know, my dream since I got into hairdressing has been to get in to an Art team which is a creative team that helps you grow and builds a platform for yourself in the industry.

Over the last 3 years I’ve entered a numerous of competition each one I made the finals of but didn’t quite reach were I wanted to be. But from each one I always took something away and learnt from the process, Its not always about winning, turning those knock backs in to a positive and thinking what you can do to learn and get better. You might not always win but you will always GROW.

This year I got the opportunity to audition for the ghd style squad team, being honest its not something I had looked at before, one of my friends tagged me on instagram so I did my research and thought what was there to loose from entering. The auditions were just open auditions so first come first served i had to do a styling of my choice so I used my knowledge from other competitions and created a mood board, done some research on the brand and current fashion and trends.

I drove down to Manchester on my own with my model, the auditions went amazing I felt so relaxed and confident but not in an arrogant way, I felt finally I might have a chance it was like a little light bulb had clicked that day and I didn’t feel nervous I was just there being me and doing what I loved and most importantly BELIEVING in myself. I had done all I could do and it was just a waiting game. In the next round i got short listed i was so happy, I was feeling confident but still wanted to keep my feet on the ground as i had to do a video of me recreating a look from a recent catwalk which I loved doing, choosing to recreate the Vivian Westwood collection because I just adored her edgy cool and girly image this season.

Having to wait a few weeks to find out if I was on the team or not was a very anxious time as I said earlier this is a dream come true, I didn’t need to worry as i was so happy to find out I was on the TEAM!

Going down to London in July for 3 days for my induction to meet my team and everyone at ghd was so amazing and exciting.

I will be on the team for a year with ghd So don’t worry I will still be in the salon but every few months I will be doing an event or a project with my team also being mentored by the amazing, talented and very driven  Zoe Irwin who’s like the Stella McCartney of hairdressing! Super excited for everything that I am going to learn and the opportunities it will lead to I am defiantly on the path I want to be on and look forward to what the future holds for me and all of us at Star Salon!

Being able to bring all my knowledge back to the Salon to educate my Star team and to continue to grow in this wonderful industry is simply a gift.

I would recommend anyone to take part and step out their comfort zone its always worth it, don’t give up on your DREAMS. Having a supportive Salon is important as they need to let you have time out of the salon to enable you to take part in any art team.

Much love

Star Bekki x

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