Kelly – Manager

I’m Kelly and Iv been hairdressing for 25 years! I’ve had my salon for 12 years and I honestly love it and the team that works within it.

My love of hair is probably greater now than when I started, but my main passion is education. Sharing what I know to give someone a future and seeing them develop into confident successful hairdressers is the biggest reward. My recent achievements have been becoming freelance educator for Goldwell and KMS, this is a huge accomplishment and something that i am very excited about.

I’m a very busy stylist and this is something I am so grateful for as I have the most amazing supportive clients.



Katie – Hair Extension expert & Colour Expert

I love hairdressing and my favourite part is extensions, I have won many awards in the area and it’s my absolute passion. I am also a master colour award holder which I achieved with Wella.

I have been a team member of Star Salon for 12 years (yes Iv been here from the very beginning) I have worked my way through the ranks and I am currently a self employed hairdresser within the salon. I love the team here we all get on so well and Kelly is always super supportive with anything I want todo.  

I’m friendly love a good gab and obviously can’t wait to meet any new clients. My career highlights have been working at London fashion week and being an ambassador for KMS  


Bekki – Colour Expert

Im Bekki and I have recently returned to the salon after having my first baby. I love being a new mum but I am still super ambitious so it’s great to be back with the team and my clients to get back to creating super pretty colours. Just like Katie I have been with Star Salon for 12 years, I have

become a very technical and creative colourist, there isn’t anything I don’t really like doing. My future goals are to move into more education and industry events, I am a self employed hairdresser and I’m super busy which makes me very grateful to all my lovely clients. Working at Star is amazing we are like a little family so if your thinking of making an appointment don’t hesitate. I love meeting new people clients so I look forward to meeting you soon. 



Cheryl – stylist

I am Cheryl and I am the newest member to join the team here at Star Salon.

I have been working as a hairdresser for 20 years now and I do truly love it, my clients are amazing they have become friends who’s hair I do (which I just love) it’s a big step for me to join Star as I was in my previous salon for 8 years but it was time for a change.

Just like all the other stylists, I am also self-employed this gives me the freedom to work at my pace and I’m the master of my destiny with support from Kelly and the team of course. If your looking for fabulous fun experienced stylist who listens then I’m the girl for you.



Chantelle – stylist

I’m Chantelle the youngest stylist in Star Salon and I love it because I looked after really well.

I have recently completed my level 2 in hairdressing with mode college and currently working towards achieving my level 3 NVQ in hairdressing.

would say that I am a very chilled easy to get on with person my recent achievements have been making the cut for an ambassador role with KMS and also winning a place on the mentor programme with Goldwell on their colour creatives global hair competition.

I truly love being here at Star everyone is super supportive which makes going to work more like fun, Kelly always encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and reach for those Stars.

I am currently building up my client base and I cannot wait to meet all my lovely new clients.



Isabelle – rising star

I am the youngest of the team and the most hard working (well I think I am) working here is great all the girls really do look after me I feel like part of the family. I am currently working towards my level 2 in hairdressing in mode college.

You will find me at the back wash or helping assist one of the other stylists. My future goals are to become a confident successful hairdresser with a loyal client base.  Super excited to meet all future clients.